Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version

Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version
  • Developer: Dario Health
  • Category: apps, Medical
  • Requirements: 7.0 and up
  • Size: 60.7MB
  • Version:
  • Rate: 4.4
  • Reviews: 4K
  • Price: Free
Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version

Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version

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Download Dario APK For Android Latest Version

About Dario APK

Wouldn’t it be great if diabetes were easier to manage? Now, with the Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System, it is. Say goodbye to bulky meters and annoying diabetic logbooks. Dario puts it all at your fingertips by connecting the meter directly to your Android smartphone. Simply plug in the Dario meter, apply one drop of blood to the test strip, and get your results on your smartphone in just 6 seconds.

Dario makes monitoring blood sugar easy thanks to the small size of its medical device. The Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System combines the meter, lancet and a pack of 25 test strips in a unit so small, it can fit in your pocket. This makes it easy to keep with you, whether at home or on-the-go. With Dario, checking your blood sugar is quick, easy and discreet, one drop at a time. It’s an all-in-one diabetes tracker.

Dario is more than just a diabetes tracker for monitoring blood sugar. The app also pairs with the Dario Blood Pressure Monitoring System to record and store blood pressure measurements in the same logbook where you track blood glucose. This gives you a more complete perspective of your health. This is important because many diabetics also have hypertension, including up to 80% of people with type 2 diabetes! Track these two medical conditions together to learn more about your health for better conversations with your doctor, and to live better every day.

Dario was designed with convenience in mind, to make it easier to see your medical trends and build healthy new habits according to your results. With insights gained through the Dario app, you may learn which foods and activities lead to better results. You may see how following a treatment plan improves your blood pressure results. Getting this positive reinforcement in real time can be a powerful motivator! One drop is all it takes to see where you stand with this innovative diabetes tracker.

Keep your medical care providers and family members up to date on your diabetic measurements. You can share all the data and logbooks inside the Dario application with anyone you like. Simply tap the share icon and select a contact from your address book to share your data instantly.

Any diabetic knows how challenging it can be to keep track of carbohydrate intake. Dario does the math for you. Simply tag which foods you ate, and Dario will automatically calculate how many carbs that gave you. With time, you may even start spotting patterns between the foods you’ve eaten and your blood sugar results and learn how to choose foods that your body responds to better. The same goes for activity. With Dario, you can keep track of your daily exercise (even washing the dishes!) and see if it influences your blood glucose levels. The results of this diabetes tracker may surprise you!

Dario has been tested extensively to ensure it meets FDA guidance for accuracy, that 95% of measurements are within ±15% of a true lab-tested value. This means you can be assured that the Dario meter will provide results you can trust. Dario has also presented several studies to the ADA, demonstrating how its system helps improve life for people with diabetes.

Dario can be a lifesaver! If you have diabetes and have suffered from hypo events in the past, or have a child with diabetes, Dario’s hypo alert system with GPS location can help bring you peace of mind. Simply connect the Dario meter to your smartphone, and upon recording a dangerously low glucose reading in one drop of blood, the Dario app will prepare a complete text message, including current blood sugar level and GPS location, to send to up to 4 emergency contacts. Because when a hypo strikes, time is of the essence. And you may not feel well enough to describe your situation. Dario is here to keep you safe.

More About Dario APK

Package ID com.labstyle.darioandroid
App Developer Dario Health
App Last Update Time 2021-01-25
App Category Medical
App Requirements 7.0 and up
App Size 60.7MB
App Version
App Rate 4.4
App Reviews 4K
App Price Free
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